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Our Mission

Financial inclusion plays a vital role in reducing poverty and equality as well as stimulating job creation. As it stands, there are over 2 billion “unbanked” individuals around the globe that don’t have access to formal financial services. That means families are unable to securely save and invest for the future, businesses don’t have access to credit enabling economic growth, and low-income countries that receive significant international remittances have to rely on financial service companies that charge high transfer fees.

Our mission is to extend these services to the unbanked community at minimal costs and send or receive money instantly, securely, and freely!

Bankey’s team

  • Moataz Elobeid Project Manager
  • Amer Alissa Art Director
  • Randa Al RifaiOfficial position
  • Solamon Ibe Official position
  • Patrick Kasilag Technical Advisor
  • Shi Zhan Project Manager Intern
  • Jingning Li UX UI Designer Intern
  • Sanidhya Keluskar Software Engineer Intern
  • Dejian He Software Engineer Intern
  • The Advisory board
  • Christina Nagler Project Manager
  • Hilal Houssein Official position
  • Paola De La Torre Art Director
  • Saeed Elnaj Official position
  • Xiaochen Zhang Official position

Empowering People's Pockets