Users will be able to engage in peer to peer  transactions And use Bankey to store cash digitally or send it domestically and/or abroad. Banked user will be able to become a “Key”

Consumer 2 business 

Financial Institution

Central Bank

Bankey will provide insight into credit worthiness, revealing new, qualified customers; Fls can gain interest holding tokens prior to withdrawal, Digital Wallet


Track Your Personal Finances

راقب مصروفك الشخصي

Build and access your credit history through your Bankey account. Check your account balance and activities on the go.

راقب مصروفك الشخصي ابني و تابع تاريخ رصيدك في بنكي التشييك على رصيد حسابك الخاص في بنكي و نشاطات أخرى عالماشي

Transfer Money Around the Globe Instantly

تحويل عالمي، فوري و بكل حرية

Securely send and receive money to family and friends, across the globe or across the street.

بكل امان ارسل و استقبل أموال للاصدقاء و الاسرة من هاتفك النقال في اي وقت و الى اي مكان مجانا